Gorilla Biscuits - “New Direction

What do you mean it’s time, time for me to grow up? I don’t want any part. 
It’s right to follow my heart. The new kids ran, ran out the back door fast,
and the bands that came before they had their noses in the air. 
Pretending that they care about our scene just because our money’s green. 
I’ll tell you stage dives make me feel more alive than coded messages in slowed down songs.

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I don’t want it anymore. I don’t need it anymore. No more hope, just closed doors. And as we walk into oblivion, every step is a reminder. Of passing hours, of passing days, of passing lives, of passing away.

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"Crushed On You" - Unbroken.

Take me to the center of town
And hold me to the half truths in your mind,
So I can tell you all there is about the people
That you don`t know.
The words just spill from my lips
For the thousandth time.
We`ll predict the fallen angels
Before they`ve fallen.
And watch them laugh all the way down.
I`ll sugar coat it.
You can`t take it any other way.

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